Engineering Services and Project Implementation

Engineering Services and Project Implementation

Industrial sectors have to overcome major challenges in order to maintain their competitiveness: increasing productivity, reducing operating costs, modernizing processes, optimizing energy performance, and ensuring the compliance of installations. These issues are at the heart of organization's priorities.


Our experienced and multidisciplinary team is attentive to your objectives and challenges and provides you with state-of-the-art engineering services, such as numerical simulation (CFD), to support you in your continuous improvement process.


Valtech Energy brings together all the engineering services that you need to analyse your equipment and thermal processes in relation to their productivity, energy performance or compliance.


Once the avenues for optimization and projects have been identified during the analysis phase, the Valtech Energy team is able to design the systems and equipment necessary to achieve your objectives.


Our full range of engineering services also allows us to support you in all stages of your projects. For energy efficiency projects, our services are generally covered by available financial assistance.

Analyze | Design | Achieve

These services are generally eligible for financial assistance dedicated to the energy improvement of equipment and processes.

  • Analysis and resolution of operating problems;
  • Implementation of an energy management system. – Participation in energy management committees;
  • Measuring and data recording services:
    • Continuous recording using portable data acquisition systems;
    • Implementation of a permanent performance measurement and monitoring system.
  • Energy audit (see our Energy Efficiency section) including:
    • Measurement of liquid and gas flows using portable equipment;
    • Combustion analysis;
    • Analysis of energy pricing for optimization purposes;
    • Numerical simulation of the devices (see our section Numerical Simulation – CFD);
    • Technical and financial feasibility studies. o Operational analysis of devices for automation purposes;
    • Design review of existing equipment;
    • Design of experimental and test set-ups;
    • Custom thermal equipment design (see our Custom Thermal Systems section);
    • Technico-economic study for the selection of equipment;
    • Preliminary engineering to estimate operating costs, fuel costs, maintenance costs and capital costs;
    • Monitoring project performance (see the appropriate page in the list of financial assistance) (energy/productivity).

We offer you our numerical simulation service (CFD) for different contexts such as:

  • Reduction of the specific fuel consumption of the appliances;
  • Increased productivity and product quality;
  • Digital equipment prototyping or analysis of modification scenarios for existing equipment;
  • Resolution of operating problems and analysis of premature degradation of equipment.
  • Compliance audit of combustion appliances (see our Compliance and Safety of Combustion Appliances section);
  • Analysis of the operational safety of thermal equipment, steam networks and pressure vessels;
  • Classification of hazardous environments;
  • Risk study;
  • Legal technical expertise.

Our team has several decades of experience in designing and manufacturing of specialized thermal equipment. Our expertise allows us to offer you turnkey solutions for:

  • Burner management systems of all categories;
  • Liquid and gaseous fuel trains;
  • Fuel pumping and conditioning stations;
  • Custom-made combustion chambers and burner systems;
  • Custom-made hot air generators;
  • Custom-made thermal scrubbers;
  • Custom ovens and dryers;
  • Thermal equipment control systems;
  • Heat transfer fluid networks (steam, hot water, thermal oil, etc.);
  • Process performance monitoring systems.

Our team has an equally important experience in the design, construction and modernization of thermal power plants in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Valtech Energie is your trusted partner for the realization of your projects:

  • Construction of a new thermal power plant;
  • Modernization or optimization of existing thermal power plants;
  • Replacement of accessories and peripheral equipment;
  • Design or design review of your steam, condensate return, hot water or thermal oil systems. The thermal systems we offer consider the best practices in energy efficiency and incorporate the best available technologies.

The thermal systems we offer take into account best practices in energy efficiency and integrate the best available technologies. Our full range of engineering services allows us to support you in all stages of your projects. The systems designed by our professional team comply with all regulatory requirements.

We mainly work on energy-intensive equipment and processes, in all industrial sectors as well as in thermal power stations.

  • Detailed engineering and production of plans and specifications;
  • Preparation of equipment functional descriptions;
  • Project schedule;
  • Management of tenders;
  • Negotiation with suppliers;
  • Pre-purchase of the main components;
  • Analysis of turnkey proposals;
  • Project management and supervision of contractors;
  • Analysis and approval of shop drawings;
  • Pre-operational checks and start-up;
  • Performance evaluation;
  • Preparation of operating procedures;
  • Trainings;
  • Preparation of environmental certificates related to modification or addition of thermal equipment.

Targeted Equipment and Processes

Our energy optimization services for thermal equipment and processes target all energy-intensive equipment, production lines and processes in all industrial and manufacturing sectors. We also target thermal power plants and individual boilers.

Our compliance and appliance safety services cover all thermal equipment using a fuel source. These are often the same energy-consuming appliances that we target for energy efficiency. Our services in numerical simulation lead to the optimization of service conditions and can help to identify modifications on existing equipment in order to reduce their fuel consumption.

More generally, our simulation tools allow the analysis of scenarios to increase equipment productivity and product quality and are relevant whenever fluid mechanics is involved and when it comes to increasing heat exchanges, material exchanges, flows, turbulence, mixing, reactions, etc. Our CFD tools are also suitable for digital prototyping of new equipment and for analysing modification scenarios for existing equipment.

These tools are also useful for analyzing and solving operation problems and to explain premature degradation of equipment. Whether it’s for your energy efficiency projects, appliance compliance or equipment and appliance modernization projects, our full range of engineering services will support you at every stage of your projects.

Examples of Targeted Equipment

Here are some examples of devices that have been subjected to energy analysis, numerical simulations or compliance testing:

  • Glass melting furnaces;
  • Aluminium smelting furnaces;
  • Galvanizing furnaces;
  • Bark boilers;
  • Furnaces for the heat treatment of steel billets;
  • Heated hydraulic presses;
  • Copper smelting furnaces;
  • Paint baking ovens;
  • Acetylene burner system;
  • Process gas reforming furnaces;
  • Aggregate kiln;
  • Cement kilns;
  • Cooking ovens;
  • Spray dryers;
  • Thermal power stations of all sizes.

We Are Subject Matter Experts

In the industry, project engineers are called upon to manage projects of different nature and varying scope. Projects involving the installation or optimization of combustion appliances often require the intervention of specialized contractors whose qualifications are complementary. It is tempting to opt for a “turnkey” formula. This offers the advantage of dealing with only one contractor, who will either use his internal resources or subcontract part of the work to the company of his choice. The disadvantage of the turnkey formula is the additional risk of discovering that certain aspects of the project have not been integrated.

We offer complementary services ranging from feasibility studies to the development of commissioning procedures, custom equipment design and detailed engineering.

Our ability to intervene at every stage of project implementation allows our clients to:

  • Choose all of the specialized contractors involved in carrying out the projects;
  • Choose each piece of equipment and component of the project;
  • Deal directly with distributors for the purchase of equipment and project components;
  • Have continuous assistance in the management of financial aids.

Tell us about your project, it will be our pleasure to assist you in your efforts